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Translate Social Determinants of Health into Actionable Intelligence

White Paper Published By: HBI Solutions
HBI Solutions
Published:  Mar 20, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

Socioeconomic or environmental conditions create barriers that prevent individuals from
accessing and complying with prescribed treatments, increasing the risk of unwanted events, disease progression, and exacerbation. These barriers may include economic instability, food insecurity, health literacy, transportation, or limited access to local health care delivery. Several studies illustrate the connection between these non-medical factors and health outcomes.

Today, health care systems ultimately need to understand and mitigate the health risks of patients and populations to bend the cost curve, while improving health outcomes and patient experience.

This white paper examines the five points of failure to overcome when integrating social determinants into health risk management and care delivery. It also illustrates how HBI’s Spotlight Data Solution assimilates social, lifestyle behavior, and geographical data with actionable intelligence to help healthcare systems meet their goals.

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