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Published By: Automation Anywhere     Published Date: Feb 21, 2019
Automation Anywhere’s flagship product is Automation Anywhere Enterprise – a RPA platform offering a variety of tools to help organisations develop, operate and manage RPA bots that automate data entry, data gathering and other repetitive, routine tasks usually carried out as part of high-volume, repetitive work (for example, service fulfilment work in call centres, shared-service centres, and back-office processing environments). Automation Anywhere Enterprise bots can add value both in unattended (server-based, lights-out operation) and attended (desktop-based, interactive) deployment configurations. In this report, MWD Advisors digs deeper into the features and capabilities of Automation Anywhere’s product portfolio, analysing its fast-growth trajectory and highlighting large-scale implementations.
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Automation Anywhere
Published By: Dell EMC     Published Date: Feb 23, 2017
Dell EMC Unity™ is modernizing the datacenter, delivering advances that simplify the task of keeping up with growing storage demands. Compared with previous generations of midrange storage, Unity's greater scale, density and simplicity—powered by Intel® Xeon® processors—can drive better economics and performance across your entire application portfolio.
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Dell EMC
Published By: Lenovo     Published Date: May 13, 2015
Enterprises are deploying x86 servers in increasingly demanding use cases such as virtualization for private and hybrid cloud computing architectures. Additionally, x86 servers play an important role for many enterprises in supporting mission- and business-critical data for analytics, leading to frequent user interaction and requiring x86 servers deliver satisfactory performance and availability to support user productivity. With these growing demands on x86 servers, customers require a server vendor to excel in many areas, including sales processes, product quality, and service and support. Customer satisfaction scores show customers view the System x® portfolio as one they can rely on to provide high-quality x86 servers backed with helpful and responsive sales, services and support. Download this white paper today to see why System X x86 servers by Lenovo achieved better customer satisfaction scores than Dell and HP.
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virtualization, hybrid cloud, servers
Published By: Dell EMC Storage     Published Date: Nov 28, 2018
As IT demands mount, IT organizations simply no longer have the luxury of spending resources to verify every vendor promise. Systems just need to work, while delivering a future free from costly data migrations. As a response, IT vendors have begun to offer guarantees in performance, guarantees in data reduction rates, guarantees in data deduplication, or free upgrades. These programs, however, are often limited to a single storage or data protection product offering, typically with all-flash technology. Dell EMC solutions, powered by Intel® Xeon® processor goes one step further with a program that delivers a future-proof infrastructure promise that extends to its larger storage, hyperconverged, and data protection portfolio and provides support across both generational and architectural transitions.
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Dell EMC Storage

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