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Published By: Macquarie Telecom     Published Date: Jan 11, 2011
How a web hosting provider can help relieve the pressure of managing your online presence.
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macquarie telecom, website hosting provider, outsourcing services, data centre, dedicated server, bandwidth performance, security, telecommunication
Macquarie Telecom
Published By: McAfee     Published Date: Mar 08, 2013
Protect sensitive information in emerging computing models such as virtualized environments. Learn how to leverage the same security architecture to provide more effective and more efficient data security across dedicated database servers as well.
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database security, virtual database environments, database virtualization, database activity monitoring, vm to vm transactions, virtual machines, virtual appliance, distributed database monitoring, memory based sensors
Published By: Corero     Published Date: Feb 17, 2015
Los Angeles Dedicated (LAD) provides dedicated and cloud server hosting in Los Angeles, California. LAD supplies enterprise-grade dedicated servers to resellers, virtual private server (VPS) and shared hosts, cloud hosts, gamers, and other clients that conduct their business online. Los Angeles Dedicated caters to the dynamic needs of the hosting industry. In this case study, LAD was faced with an important dilemma familiar to many hosting providers. It needed to figure out to prevent its clients, especially gaming companies, from experiencing downtime as a result of frequent DDoS attacks. Download this white paper today to see how LAD was able to obtain complete visibility into attack traffic and eliminate the DDoS problem for the company.
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cloud, hosting, vps
Published By: IBM     Published Date: Dec 03, 2008
For workloads that traditionally require dual-processor systems, such as e-mail and collaboration, Web serving and Java-based applications, IBM offers the System x3350. It's also ideal for server deployments that require a dedicated server with high RAS features. For extensive details, download the product guide.
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ibm, express seller, ibm system x3350, uniprocessor server, x3350 product guide, high-performance, quad-core, dual-core, xeon processor, integrated level 2 cache, performance, energy, efficient, less power, heat, low voltage, reduce, energy costs, system x 3350, 3350
Published By: UK2 Group     Published Date: Apr 27, 2015
For the past few years, the primary focus for much of the hosting industry has been on promoting the advantages of cloud servers. In certain scenarios, being able to rent IT resources such as processing power, bandwidth and storage on demand and to scale these up and down quickly as needed offers customers clear benefits when it comes to boosting their agility and managing IT costs more efficiently. Yet while the cloud is great for certain applications, there are many other cases where the use of dedicated servers would be more appropriate. In this white paper, well explore the difference between the two approaches and highlight where and how dedicated servers can not only give you better performance, reliability, control and security, but can be just as attractive as cloud (and often more so) in terms of both flexibility and cost efficiency. We also examine when its preferable to take one approach over the other, and how you can combine the two to best effect.
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UK2 Group
Published By: NetApp     Published Date: Mar 05, 2018
Disaster recovery (DR) from remote sites with dedicated servers, storage, and networking gear has long been a best practice for mission-critical applications. However, other applications and data have often gone unprotected due to the costs required for redundant DR assets that are seldom, if ever, utilized. The ability to move DR to the cloud has changed the picture and enabled IT organizations to build more robust DR strategies than had been possible in the past.
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netapp, database performance, flash storage, data management, cost challenges

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