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Published By: Oracle     Published Date: Sep 21, 2015
Lernen Sie mit diesem Bericht wie Sie jedes Erlebnis ihrer Kunden personalisieren können um Interaktion, Werbung und Ertrag zu steigern.
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cloud, oracle marketing cloud, marketing cloud, modern marketing, social marketing, data management, oracle, oracle solutions
Published By: Juniper Networks     Published Date: Jun 22, 2017
The digital financial services world has created an amplified set of challenges for the data center and network. Its role in enabling the success of the wider institution has become even more critical, but to deliver this it needs to provide a higher level of performance with increased agility, while maintaining high levels of efficiency and security. This is forcing institutions to transform their underlying IT capabilities, with the need to simplify the network, obtain more flexible connectivity, automate IT operations, and enable centralized control and administration being core strategies in this respect. As shown in Figure 8, this is driving a number of requirements for the future network. Key considerations for financial institutions in architecture design and vendor selection should be around moving toward a software-defined, intelligent, cloud-ready, and open network that enables the institution to meet its ICT imperatives and achieve these key ICT strategies.
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account security, data management, network protection, secure systems, application security, network performance, network diagnostics
Juniper Networks
Published By: Zendesk     Published Date: Dec 10, 2018
El comienzo de un nuevo capítulo de su negocio (ya sea porque quiere penetrar en un segmento de más alta calidad o porque está añadiendo productos y funciones) significa una excelente oportunidad para expandir con inteligencia sus operaciones de atención al cliente. Ya sabemos que los clientes prefieren el autoservicio cuando tienen a su disposición una base de conocimientos. Un informe de Gartner, calcula que los CIO pueden reducir el costo de la atención al cliente en un 25 % o más si se cuenta con la disciplina apropiada de administración de conocimientos. Si ha estado esperando una buena razón para dar el salto hacia el autoservicio, este informe técnico le demostrará cómo usted y sus agentes de hecho ya están realizando las actividades necesarias para ofrecer un autoservicio de primera, día tras día.
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Published By: Amazon Web Services     Published Date: Jul 25, 2018
Qu'est-ce qu'un lac de données ? Les organisations doivent gérer de plus grands volumes de données, provenant de davantage de sources et contenant plus de types de données que jamais auparavant. Confrontées à des volumes massifs et hétérogènes de données, de nombreuses organisations ont compris que pour proposer des informations stratégiques pour l'entreprise en temps opportun, elles doivent disposer d'une solution d'analyse et de stockage des données qui offre plus de vitesse et de souplesse que les systèmes traditionnels. Un lac de données représente une solution nouvelle et de plus en plus répandue pour stocker et analyser les données. Cette solution relève la plupart de ces défis en permettant à une organisation de stocker l'ensemble de ses données au sein d'un même référentiel centralisé. Comme les données peuvent être stockées sous leur forme initiale, il n'est pas nécessaire de les convertir en un schéma prédéfini avant leur ingestion.
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Amazon Web Services
Published By: G Suite     Published Date: Jun 06, 2016
Download this white paper to learn how Dan McCrae, director of IT service delivery division, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), used Google Apps to keep his project on track and to collaborate with his teammates.
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G Suite
Published By: Applause Israel     Published Date: Sep 25, 2018
The goal of usability testing, simply put, is to make sure that a user can complete the tasks they are expected to complete. Usability testing doesn’t test whether or not the functions of the application, website or connected device work correctly, but rather that a user intuitively understands how to perform these tasks — and how easy or difficult it was to do so. With usability testing, “close enough” won’t cut it. A product may have a superior architecture, a great set of features, good performance, scalability and a number of other positive attributes. However, all of this effort is wasted if the user experience is inadequate. An application, website or connected device that is not user-friendly is just as bad as a buggy version and can lead to diminished revenue, product abandonment or a total failure. An application with poor usability can also negatively affect a brand
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Applause Israel
Published By: KPMG     Published Date: Jun 06, 2019
Leading companies are focused on increasing customer satisfaction and retention by taking an organisation-wide, customer-centric approach. Find out about the critical role HR has to play in elevating the customer experience. Read this report to discover: • how HR can influence the customer agenda • how to take advantage of AI and D&A to recruit the right people • what skills customer service employees will need as a result of automation • how to win senior buy-in for new HR policies and approaches • seven action steps for building a customer-centric culture.
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Published By: KPMG     Published Date: Jun 06, 2019
Discover how the CMO is evolving from brand guru into customer advocate. With key actions for creating a truly customer-centric marketing organisation. Read this report to discover: • how and why the marketing organisation must transform • why CMOs must expand their knowledge and responsibilities beyond traditional marketing • how to measure success in a customer-centric environment • seven key actions for creating a customer-centric marketing organisation.
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Published By: Adobe     Published Date: Mar 21, 2017
Das Kundenerlebnis ist das neue Markenzeichen des Einzelhandels
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Published By:     Published Date: Sep 20, 2013
In 2013 partnered with Fifth Quadrant to conduct quantitative and qualitative research into the customer service space in Australia and New Zealand. The research was designed to specifically examine new channels for service delivery such as Mobile Devices, Social Media to name a few and the maturity level of Australian organisations in regards to Customer Experience Strategy.
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salesforce, crm, crm solutions, research, best practices, ces, technology, knowledge management, data management, business technology
Published By: LogMeIn     Published Date: Jan 03, 2013
Based on research with more than three hundred companies, the report takes a close look at how live chat is used and measured in support settings, how organisations use live chat to engage with prospects and customers. Read on to learn more.
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environment, support, organizations, live support, customer experience, business goals, live chat success, logmein, knowledge management, business technology
Published By: Automation Anywhere APAC     Published Date: Aug 15, 2019
The University of Melbourne deployed Automation Anywhere’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to reduce manual work and automate a range of administrative processes across student admissions, faculty administration, and supplier tracking. The deployed software bots now automate the entry of all data and attachments for new admission applications, and the university has slowly expanded its automation capabilities for staff across other faculties. This has allowed the University of Melbourne to increase the efficiency of critical business processes, boost staff engagement, and improve customer experience for its teachers and student body.
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rpa, roi, digital workforce, customer story
Automation Anywhere APAC
Published By: NAVEX Global     Published Date: Aug 18, 2016
This Cyber Security Awareness Kit illustrates how to make your organisation more secure by neutralizing the leading cause of cyber security risk: your employees.
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cyber attack, risk, cyber security, cyber criminals, cyber risks, security, security application, cyber security awareness kit
NAVEX Global
Published By: Alert Logic     Published Date: May 23, 2019
In our first cyber security checklist, we provided a security overview and best practices to help organizations prevent an initial compromise from occurring. In this guide, we will help you understand practical steps you can take to mitigate techniques attackers use once they have penetrated your defenses. Once attackers have access to a machine, they can evade detection by using fileless techniques and legitimate system administration tools to do their dirty work. With this checklist, you will have a guide to help mitigate the impact of an attacker. Lastly, we will hep you understand how partnering with a company like Alert Logic can provide better defenses to stop attackers in their tracks. This checklist helps to explain how to: • How to manage and limit PowerShell access • Securing and utilizing Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) • Ways to apply application controls • Following the principle of least privilege and applying access controls • What to monitor for to help uncover
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Alert Logic
Published By: WatchGuard Technologies     Published Date: Apr 20, 2011
This white paper looks at the technology required to stop cyber-bullying and the steps school administrators can take to ensure students are protected. Learn the facts about cyber-bullying today!
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watchguard xcs, cyber-bullying, digital epidemic, online harassment, network security appliance, content control, intelligent monitoring, digital playground monitor
WatchGuard Technologies
Published By: Thawte     Published Date: Jan 19, 2016
‘Cybercrime’ has entered the lexicon in a big way and has become a significant threat to businesses wherever they are located and whatever their size. But how bad is the threat? And why does it cause such high levels of alarm and concern? Download this whitepaper to learn why SSL is now a must-have for any organisation interested in protecting its customers and its online reputation.
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Published By: Secunia     Published Date: Oct 12, 2011
This paper discusses the limitations of security and highlights how cybercriminals can achieve their goals without administrative access.
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vulnerability assessment, internet security, windows patching, exploit definition, endpoint security, microsoft patch management, patch management policy, vulnerability intelligence, solutions, inspector, software, secure, vital, protect, networks, endpoints, zeroboard, patch, patch manager, tools
Published By: Palo Alto Networks     Published Date: Apr 25, 2017
Cyber criminals constantly innovate their threat tactics to more efficiently breach organizations and make off with valuable data. As cybercrime evolves, we see increased innovation in the hacking tools and techniques used to evade known security mechanisms. In the past few years, we have seen more advanced, targeted attacks, where hackers spent ample time investigating the target and tailoring the threat. Keeping up with new attack techniques, and effectively defending against advanced threats, is perhaps the biggest challenge facing security teams today. In a world of cyberthreats where the only constant is change, architecting a cybersecurity solution that dynamically adapts to constant change is crucial.
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Palo Alto Networks
Published By: Veritas     Published Date: Dec 08, 2016
This Infographic outlines the below: The Data Environment How Active is the Data? Poor Data Behaviour Exposes Organisations to Risk Organisations that Deploy Information Governance Strategies are more Successful at Achieving these Desired Outcomes
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data environment, data, big data, data management
Published By: Adobe     Published Date: Apr 25, 2016
Der Schlüssel hierzu sind Daten. Es reicht jedoch nicht aus, Daten einfach nur zu erfassen. Sie müssen anhand der Daten ganzheitliche Kundenprofile erstellen und diese anschließend verwenden, um interessante, personalisierte und nachhaltige Erlebnisse zu entwickeln. Diese dreiteilige E-Book-Reihe erläutert Schritt für Schritt, wie Sie Daten tatsächlich verwenden können, um jedem Kunden das bestmögliche Erlebnis zu bieten.
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customer experience, marketing, data management
Published By: Adobe     Published Date: Feb 09, 2016
This white paper shows how to build a customer-centric model.
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customer experience, mobility, mobile devices, marketing experiences, digital trends, marketing experiences, customer-centric model
Published By: Adobe     Published Date: Feb 09, 2016
Today’s ultra-connected consumers are interacting with brands more often and in more places than ever. In fact, the average customer comes in contact with a brand at least five times before buying — whether it’s a Google search, an in-store visit or downloading an app.
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customer experience, customer interaction, reinventing the customer experience, marketing experiences, customer
Published By: Lookout     Published Date: Sep 25, 2017
Ein Überblick über die gesamte Bandbreite der mobilen Risiken für Unternehmensdaten Es ist an der Zeit, das unternehmensweite Risikomanagement zu ändern. Mobilgeräte spielen in unserem privaten und beruflichen Leben eine zentrale Rolle. In der überwiegenden Mehrheit aller Unternehmen liegt der Schwerpunkt jedoch nach wie vor auf dem Schutz traditioneller PC-Endgeräte. Um diese Entwicklung zu fördern, hat Lookout die Matrix für mobile Risiken entwickelt. Sie dient dazu, Sicherheitsorganisationen für das Risikospektrum von Mobilgeräten zu sensibilisieren und Daten bereitzustellen, die die Häufigkeit von Sicherheitsrisiken für mobile Plattformen veranschaulichen.
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Published By: Bright Computing     Published Date: Mar 08, 2018
This insideHPC guide explores how a powerful scheduling and resource management solution can slot workloads into those idle clusters, thereby gaining maximum value from the hardware and software investment, and rewarding IT administrators with satisfied users.
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bright computing, convergence, servers, resource management, hardware, clusters, workload management
Bright Computing
Published By: Qlik     Published Date: Aug 12, 2015
This Research Report examines the analytical strategies of organisations currently using data discovery tools and highlights their superior performance in user engagement.
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data discovery, data, data discovery tools, analytics, benefits of using data discovery, data collaboration, data proliferation, data engagement, big data, data strategies
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